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This is the collection of related material we have been able to gather about Stem Cell Therapy at Surf Paws. Surf Paws is the first pet hospital to offer Adipose Stem Cell Therapy performed in-house right here in Honolulu.

Kumba's Before and After

Kumba is our most popular case because he received so much press coverage. "Kumba suffered from arthritis so bad he could barely get off the floor. Two months later his owners say Kumba is like a new dog." ... KHON2 News.

Stem cell therapy helping local pets

"Stem-cell therapy is an exciting new way to potentially battle diseases such as cancer and diabetes. For humans, the technology is still mostly in the experimental phase. For pets, though, the future is here already." ...

Cutting-edge technology is helping Hawaii's pets live better lives for months, even years.

"We were there as a beloved dog named Kumba received one of the first-ever, in-clinic stem cell therapy surgeries in the islands ... The Rottweiler-Lab mix is one of the first in Hawaii to undergo the stem cell procedure at Surf Paws in Hawaii Kai."

First dog on Oahu gets stem cell therapy

"A 13-year-old dog who was barely able to walk is back on his paws thanks to stem cell therapy. Before the treatment Kumba suffered from arthritis so bad he could barely get off the floor. Two months later his owners say Kumba is like a new dog." ... KHON2 News

In-clinic stem cell therapy for animals comes to Honolulu

Stem cell therapy has shown to have success in treating animals diagnosed with arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Now, the treatment is more convenient and affordable.

Kalalau's Before and After

Kalalau suffered from severe osteoarthritis. He was hurting so bad he would often stop on his walks and would not go another step. 4 weeks post stem cell therapy Kalalau takes the lead on his walks.

Steeler's Before and After

Steeler suffered from severe osteoarthritis. He was suffering so bad the owners were considering euthansia. Fortunately the owners were open to the posibilities of stem cell therapy. Steeler received 2 sets of injections which greatly improved his mobility and can now walk on his own.

IPO's Before and After

Ipo is Dr. Miliaresis' American/Pit Bull Terrier mix. She was diagnosed w/ partial tear cranial cruciate ligament. Ipo's positive recovery proved that stem cell therapy is a viable alternative and option.

Stem-Cell Surgery Loosens Up Dog's Arthritic Limbs

Honolulu’s first in-clinic stem cell therapy was performed June 21 on Kumba, a 13-year old Rottweiler/Labrador mix, at Surf Paws Animal Hospital in Hawaii Kai Towne Center.

First in-clinic stem cell procedure for dogs hits Honolulu

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Adipose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr Michael Hutchinson

Dr. Mike Hutchinson, D.V.M. - A leading practitioner in stem cell regeneration, Mike Hutchinson, D.V.M., “Dr. Mike,” is a highly sought after speaker at national and international veterinary conferences on the uses of animal stem cells.

Stem Cell Therapy for Animals

Dr. Carole Spangler Vaughn on stem cell therapy. Brought to you by Hawaii Wellness Directory and Medivet Hawaii LLC.

Quick overview of the procedure

A quick and dirty raw footage on the stem cell procedure.

Surf Paws began offering the in-clinic procedure in June of 2012. Since inception, Dr. Cristina Miliaresis and the staff at SPAH have performed over 55 cases alone. Frequently Asked Questions